Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Lepaq Lepaq

One Thursday, I made plans to have lunch with JR and JL in KL. It was an advanced birthday lunch for JR. I could only do lunch because December is a crazy packed month with birthdays, Christmas parties, reunions and etc.

The venue : Lepaq Lepaq. Where is it ? No idea. Just want to go and try. Thank God for Waze and JL for sharing the location. I am totally a sesat person when it comes to road. I remember landmarks and that's it. The location is quite easy, they are located next to Lanson Place in Ceylon. It's a building by itself with parking, so you don't have to worry about parking on the roadside.

 From (L) to (R) : Downstairs area and Upstairs non-smoking area. For smokers, there is an air-conditioned area on the first half of the 1st floor with lots of natural light for Instagram opportunity.


 From (L) to (R) : Thursday's menu and Beverage menu. The menu changes everyday and they serve the biggest Big Breakfast in town from Fridays to Sundays at RM55. Can be shared among 3-4 person depending on your appetite.

From (L) to (R) : Newpaper table mat and cutleries. This kinda reminds me of Bangkok's Karmakamet Diner. To read more about it, read it here.

From (L) to (R) : Cappuccino and Iced Long Black. I do like the coffee here and it is decent. This is a place I will drop by again for the coffee. Iced drinks are served in a box on the left. I find it cute but not very environmental friendly. They have a more popular drinks called the Rainy Day Coffee, a hanging cotton candy and a cup of black coffee. The cotton candy melts from the heat of the black coffee and therefore creates a rain effect. Nice to Instagram but it is nothing new in the market. Oh Scooter Cafe in Subang have been serving cotton candy with coffee since 2014. 

From (L) to (R) : Deep Fried Lotus Root - crispy fried sliced lotus root served with salted egg yolk flakes and butter coating. We all love this! This is definitely a great appetizer and before you know it, it's all gone. Salmon Spaghetti - Spaghetti sauteed in garlic oil with sundried tomato slices and basil, accompanied with grilled salmon fillets. The chef forgot to put salt in our spaghetti and it came out bland. We have informed the chef about this. This comment is not to throw anyone under the bus, but this was what we experienced. Since the place is new, things like this do happen.

 From (L) to (R) : Pan-seared Beef Roulade - stuffed with sauteed shiitake mushrooms and sliced onions and served with homemade mushroom sauce and accompanied with lemon couscous and sauteed vegs. This is the best dish among the rest that we ordered for the day. Charcoal grilled Chicken Chop - served with black pepper sauce and accompanied with sauteed potatoes and vegs.

Nasi Lemak Cheesecake. I find this dessert intriguing because it doesn't taste like a dessert but it looked like one. And it does taste like nasi lemak. I didn't see this in the menu, it was on display near the counter. From what I tasted, the cheese area is mixed with glutinous rice, the green jelly area tasted like pandan/banana leaf and the toppings are chilli flakes and ikan bilis (anchovies).

I will be back one of the weekends to try the Big Breakfast. But until then, I hope that the owner hire more staffs and train them properly. There were a few instances when they wanted to clear my coffee without asking me and I'm not finished with it. When I told 'him' that I'm not done with it, he just shrugged and walk off without any apology. It's kinda rude, don't you think? But then again, English is not his first language. I don't blame him.

Lot 687, Jalan Ceylon Seksyen 57,
50200 Kuala Lumpur.

Harrods Cafe

Monday was a bonus public holiday for people working in the Selangor area and the right thing to do was to add traffic to the KL City area. (hehe...) I used to work in the city and hated public holidays in Selangor for the same reason. Not that it's reversed, I'm not sorry at all. :)

Anyway, my siblings and I had planned to have afternoon tea one of these days but never gotten the chance due to our different work schedules. But Monday was a blessing as all 3 of us had the same off day.

I heard from a good friend of mine that Harrods Cafe at Suria KLCC's afternoon tea is not bad and ask me to check it out. I called ahead of time to reserve because I'm kiasu like that. According to the friendly voice on the other side, the afternoon tea starts at 3pm and ends at 6pm. Perfect!

At 2.58pm, we arrived at the Harrods Cafe (the one with the bear outside) and was informed that there was no reservations under my name. I was puzzled as I remember speaking to someone and reserving a space (not that the place is full...). That was when the waitress asked whether I made reservations at the other Harrods Cafe. I was like, how many Harrods Cafe have you got here? Apparently there are 2 Harrods Cafe in Suria KLCC itself, silly me!

The main one is located on the same floor as ben's and Godiva and the other one is located on the Ground Level, same level as Ralph Lauren and Melur & Thyme.

We trot over to the one on the Ground Level because our reservation was there and it was more cost effective there compared to the one on the First Level. Just in case, if you want to know as the view on the First Level is definitely nicer. They count per head for afternoon tea around RM80-ish ++.

Since there was 3 of us, we ordered a 3-tier Afternoon Tea Set that comprises of 2 pots of tea and Scones Set that comes with 1 pot of tea. FYI, the teas are refillable (heaven~~). You get to choose Darjeeling, Assam or English Breakfast. We ordered 1 of each flavour of tea. You also get to choose coffee or teh tarik if that tickle your fancy.

The 3-tier Afternoon Tea set is priced at RM105 which is actually decent compared to other brands in the city centre area. Most of the other places that offers Afternoon Tea sets do not do refills and you share a pot of tea and maximum you will get 2 cups each and the cups are shallow. 

The Scones set speaks for itself; 3 scones with butter not clotted cream and jam and it comes with a pot of tea. It is priced at RM30.

The portion are generous and we filled our tummy in no time and washed it down with tea. The staff here are friendly and always have a smile on their face. I will definitely come back for another session. 

All the prices are inclusive of GST and Service Charges, so whatever you see on the menu is what you will pay for. Ain't that great ?

Harrods Cafe
G03J-03K, Ground Level,
Suria KLCC,
50088 Kuala Lumpur.
03-2165 1111 
(opposite Melur & Thyme, same row as Ralph Lauren and next to Isetan's exit on the cosmetic floor)
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