Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Gogi King 고기킹

Those that know me personally know that I'm sucker for Korean food. I'll always try my best to check out all the new Korean places within my ability to travel in Klang Valley. My family love Korean food as well so it's a major plus.

My sister was work surfing (½ work ½ surfing the net) one day and came across a new place in Solaris Mont Kiara called Gogi King. In Korean, it means meat king or king of meat. And the first thing that came to mind was Korean BBQ and we love Korean BBQ. Wrap those meat with lettuce leaves to feel less guilty and add on some kimchi.

We got there around 6-ish close to 7pm and the place was packed with customers. Good sign or that everyone is curious to check out a new place? I choose the latter because I am one of them.

There was 6 of us and we signaled to the waiter that we need 2 tables for dinner. We were informed that we would have to wait as a table is finishing soon. We did not need to wait long to get our table, which was a plus.

We review the menu and it look pretty similar to Sae Mae Eul's version including the price. For those who are unfamiliar with this place, you may read about it here. And they are located a stone throw away from each other too.

 Mini rice balls (새알밥)
This can be a bit spicy because there are chilli padi inside the rice balls.

Corn lather with cheese (콘치즈) 
This is awesome if you love cheese and corn. Fortunately, I love both so I love this dish!

The lettuce leaves for wrapping the meat and 2 pathetic salad as banchan.(side dishes) 

Kimchi (김치)
This kimchi is meh~

Soybean paste soup (된장찌개)
This soup is also meh~

Selection of pork meat (돼지 고기)
Portion is too small.

Photo credit from Instagram @lbsmich
The grill - meat, steamed eggs, cheese, chilli, garlic and kimchi

The dinner started out okay when we sat down and got our drinking water. We looked through the menu and decided to order a set which consists of 3 meat (all pork) and add one 1 spicy chicken in case it was too much. Alas, we were wrong as the portion was small and it barely fill our stomach. We ended up order another set of pork meat and that did not fill our stomach. 

The waiters are slow and not attentive and gives you attitude if you ask for something. Normally, you get very good and fast service from Korean restaurants but this is the worst of the worst. The waiter that cooked our meat look half asleep and quite rude to be honest. 

By the way, each set of meat comes with the cheese in the pic above. If you want more, you have to pay for it which is ridiculous. The steamed eggs are free flow though but it did not taste good.

I'm really disappointed with this new place and will not step foot in it ever again. There are better ones around and are cheaper in price, taste better and have better service.

  We went to a nearby cafe and ordered a sandwich after this dinner. 

No.1, Jalan Solaris,
Solaris Mont Kiara, 
50480 Kuala Lumpur.
03-6206 5256


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