Saturday, June 28, 2014


Once upon a time I passed by this cafe without a second glance. It doesn't look like a cafe (honestly!) and I thought they sell fruits and healthy juices only. In my defense, the place looks like a juice bar.

Saw a lot of photos of this place on Instagram and it got me curious (as usual!). And I've been on the lookout for new places for brunch. I had 2 weeks off from Korean class therefore I have time for brunch!

Wholesome Spanish Baked Egg. Homemade baked bean, egg, bacon, arugula & toasted ciabatta.

Gourmet Antipasto Breakfast Platter. Prosciutto, Salami Milano, Chorizo, Brie, Cheddar, Strawberry Grape Olive salad, 7 min egg & toasted ciabatta.

Juice of the day (apple + orange). Part of the breakfast platter.

Cafe Latte.

Cappuccino. Part of the breakfast platter and we paid for the upgrade from black coffee.

Our experience here was not perfect but we will still go back and try their pasta and pancakes in the future. 

We went there quite early and a friendly waitress took our order. The place was not pack throughout the time that we were there. I know weekends are nightmare and there's a queue. Anyway, we waited 30 minutes for our food and it did not come. None of the waiter/waitress bother to come and ask about our order. Other diners who got there later than us was served with their brunch. 

We finally flagged down one waiter and ask him to check on our order. He checked and did not come back to us on the status of our order. He just walked around serving other people as though we were invisible. The waitress that took our order earlier on looked at us suddenly and panicked. 

From the look on her face, we could tell that our order did not reach the cook. Please refer to the photo above for my order especially the breakfast platter. No cooking is required. You just need to cut and slice the produce and serve it to  me.

It was the longest brunch we've ever had. It took us at least 1 hours from the minute we step into the cafe. 45 mins to serve the food and 5-10 mins to eat it. After our brunch, we walked around Publika to buy some groceries. We were both dying from thirst. We kept asking ourselves whether there was a lot of MSG in the food? 

17, Jalan 26/70A,
Desa Sri Hartamas,
50480 Kuala Lumpur.
03-6201 0090
Mon - Sun: 08:30 - 21:00


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