Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Tino's Pizza Express

Tino's Pizza Express opened its door for business about 2 months ago in the new Nexus Bangsar South Lifestyle Mall. I have previously passed by this area and wanted to check out this place. Tino's Pizza Express is a chain pizza store from Shanghai that offers freshly baked Napoletana style pizza.

Tino's Pizza Express is an initiative from the good folks of Chatime Malaysia. It is their latest venture into the F&B industry on top of their successful bubble tea business here.

Simple decor of the indoor dining area.

Tino's Club House. A three way combo of Tino's Wings, Dory Fish Fries and Peanut Butter Fries. Love the fries. Who would have thought that fries can be eaten with peanut butter and taste so awesome? We love this to bits and finished the whole platter. The wings was a bit spicy (pepper-ish) for me.

Pumpkin Soup. Creamy pumpkin soup served with fresh dough slices. If you love thick creamy soup. This is the cat's ass. For those who are not familiar with this slang term, it means that it's wonderful.

Italian Vegetable Soup. A tomato vegetable soup served with shell pasta and fresh dough slices. If you prefer something lighter compared to thick cream soup. You may order this. It's minestrone!!

Duck Caponata Pizza. A unique roast duck recipe topped with broccoli, capsicum and melted cheese.The roast duck is thickly sliced (very generous) and was juicy to taste. If you feel guilty eating carbs, there is a good balance of the broccoli.

Peanut Butter Banana Oreo (Sweet Crustar) . Frittered banana and Oreo cookie pieces laid on a peanut butter base topped with chocolate drizzle and almond chip toppings. If you love dessert, you will love this awesome pie. Eat this with the peppermint leaf and it brings out a delightful surprise to your palate.

Iced Black Tea. I like this because it is unsweetened.

Tino's Iced Fruit Tea.

Parking at the mall is currently free because it is brand new. There are a good number of F&B outlets in this area. Tino's Pizza Express offers different types of meat as toppings for the pizza. Our usual pizza joint mainly offers chicken, beef and seafood toppings.

Tino's Pizza Express is a pork-free restaurant and offers take-away service as well. Once you're done eating, pop over next for some Chatime.

G-15, Nexus Bangsar South,
Jalan Kerinchi,
59200 Bangsar,
Kuala Lumpur.
03- 2242 0580


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