Monday, May 19, 2014

Old China Cafe

Heard a lot of great things about Old China Cafe and decided to give it a try while I was in the city. There was plenty of parking space because #1 it was around 8 plus at night #2 it was a public holiday on a weekday #3 next day is a work day. If not, there is an open space car park opposite the restaurant.

Old China Cafe is located in an old colonial building. And next to the newly opened Ali, Muthu & Ah Hock at Jalan Balai Polis near Petaling Street. If you did not take a look at the customers and workers there you would've thought that you have stepped back in time. Everything screams Old China basically.

It could look eerie if the lights were dimmer. But I love the environment here.

Our order of Pu Er tea. The water here is very very hot. I can't even hold onto my tea cup and I'm Chinese. Born drinking tea, just so you know.

Appetizer : Lobak. Disappointed because it looks nice but the filling is very little and it doesn't taste as good as it looks.

Itik Tim (Duck meat salted vegetable soup). Love the taste of this soup. And we don't mind ordering another portion.

Kapitan Chicken Curry. The curry is not fragrant enough. Taste watered down.

Babi Pongteh. This is like the ultimate dish for the Nyonyas but Old China Cafe's version proved to be a disappointment.

Mixed Vegetable.

This is a great place for tourists and people that has never tasted Nyonya food before. We saw a lot of tourists here and not many locals. I really wished that they could offer me good Nyonya food but they really fall short on that. 

Nevertheless, this is a nice place for photography and I do like their rice.

11, Jalan Balai Polis,
50000 Kuala Lumpur.
03-2072 5915


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