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No. 15 Redang Station

This post is specially dedicated to CL & family. Thank you so much for the recommendation. We love it so so much :)

I crave for fresh oyster once, a bad craving actually. What I did was asked on my Facebook whether anyone know of a great place for it. Lo and behold, an ex-colleague of mine who is a FOODIE sent me a  Whatsapp message. Her brother-in-law discovered a place in Sekinchan and the oysters are super fresh and it's super cheap. They had an oyster feast there plus beer.

I've been wanting to check the place out since March but due to my busy schedule and studying on weekends I couldn't find the right time to do it. When there's great things like this, I will definitely invite my family members.

This weekend I had Saturday off and we've set the time to go. I called the owner of this place, Ah Chuan a day before going over just to be make sure that they are opened for business. He said reservations are not required, just call him and tell him that you're going. His exact words.

We consulted Waze for the location but couldn't find it. Thank God for the name card that my friend sent to me. There is a map behind it and we managed to find the place. Don't worry, I will include the GPS coordinate at the end of this post.

No.15 Redang Station. This is the only signage of this place. They only have 3 tables here. And this is a makeshift makan area in front of the owner's house. It's dining by the fishing village on planks. A great rustic and village experience for us. My family loves it so much that they want to go back again and again in the future. Grandma said this, "Let's go and eat there every month okay?". I have to tell you something about Grandma. She loves food and she will only go back if the food is really good. Once you piss her off with your bad cooking, she will ban you for life.

Mantis Prawn. Those who know me knows that I dislike Mantis Prawn. This is because I don't think they deserve to be prawns ('s one of my silly stuff). I was a bit skeptical about this prawn because the ones that I got served are horrible. This one though changed my mind. It's huge in size, fresh, succulent meat. This dish is steamed cooked and the meat has a little bit of saltiness in them. Juicy beyond imagination. 

Fish balls. Dare I say that this is the best fish balls I have ever had in my life? Yes! Slightly smaller than a golf ball size.

Lala soup. Normally when you eat lala in restaurants in the Klang Valley, you will find some sandy residue in it. This one is na-da. The lala did not shrink much in size. It shows how fresh it is. It has a sweet taste to it because it's super fresh. The soup is cooked with some ginger and bird's eye chilli. Delightful soup that dad and grandma could not stop drinking.

Steamed crabs. It look uncooked right? But it is cooked. The dishes here are cooked with minimal condiments or spices to retain the freshness of the seafood.

Fried noodle. Slightly salty for me. But the rest of my family member love it.

Steamed prawn. Huge A grade size prawn. Lightly steamed without any spice. It's so fat, juicy and sweet in taste. I had the most number of prawns here. Oh my cholestrol level is gonna rise like nobody's business.

I'm not good with fish names. The direct translation is 7 Star Fish. This fish is nicely cleaned without any fish scale left on the body of the fish. The fish is cooked just right and once again, the flesh of the fish is awesome.

Freshly shucked oysters. We ordered the medium size one. 10 pieces for 6 person and I ate the most. Wanted to order more for myself but I was full at that time. Dad just recovered from a bad tummy ache before this makan trip because of a previous oyster dinner. He was reluctant to try this. But I insist that he eats one just to try it out. He love it and told me the next day that he did not suffer from any tummy ache. Good news!
I can't read Chinese and I don't know what it says on the A4 paper. But the GPS co-ordinate is there.

We stopped by the paddy field and took some pictures. It was indeed a lovely makan trip with my family.
We will be back again for sure.

No.15 Redang Station
(GPS Co-ordinate : 3.507826,101.095309)
15, Lorong 10,
Bagan Sekinchan,
Tel: 019-644 7494  (Ah Chuan)

Disclaimer : Not every dish you see here is available at all time. They will only sell whatever seafood they have on hand.

(We tried using the above address to look for the place but to no avail. Therefore, please use the GPS co-ordinate. I personally feel that the address should be 15, Jalan 10 Lorong Sebelas, Bagan Sekinchan, Selangor. You will understand me when you take a look at Google Map.)


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