Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Caffe Bene, Sunway Pyramid

Caffe Bene is a newly opened cafe in Sunway Pyramid. I was anticipating its opening because it's a South Korean chain coffee shop and I was looking forward to try its coffee. Koreans in general, takes light coffee and I wonder whether this is okay.

Comfy chairs for patrons.

Place your order at the counter and wait at your table. Once the device vibrates, collect your own drinks.

This is a wall fixture in every single Caffe Bene. I noticed this from Korean dramas.

Cafe Latte.
Both drinks are served differently. I wonder why?

The coffee is different from normal Korean coffees I would say. The beans are medium roast , compared to the normal light roast that they prefer. I think this chain will be big in no time in Malaysia. 
It would be better if the outlet is bigger as there are limited seats. And I saw something from the menu that I will try the next time I'm there : Coffee Bingsu :)
If you're familiar with Korean desserts, Patbingsu is a popular one in the summer. It is shaved ice with red beans and fruits. So, I suppose Coffee Bingsu is Shaved ice in coffee. Dream combo don't you think?

(located near H&M)
03-5612 7527


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