Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Street Food : Malacca Back Alley Sihum (Jalan Bunga Raya)

Malacca is one of my favorite destination in Malaysia. Reason ? It's not that far from Klang Valley. And it's a great destination for weekend getaway and food hunting. One of the MUST visit place in Malacca is the Jalan Bunga Raya (back alley) sihum/seahum/cockles place.

If you are there on a weekend and arrive slightly late around 6-ish pm, please queue and wait for a table. This was what happened to us the last time. Don't worry, the people here are civilised. This is the case of, if you cannot wait then don't bother eating.
A beautiful picture of derelict. Old school houses above a row of shoplots with spiral staircase.
This is the back alley. And this is where business is done. Some people sits on low stools like the good old days.
Individual portions of sihum/seahum/cockles, lalas, lady's finger etc.
Super fresh.
Yao Yi Ung Choi translates to Cuttlefish and Kangkung. Super spicy chilli.
Boiled balitong. Practise your sucking skill and tongue action.

The damage.

I did not save the GPS co-ordinates for this place. But I found it on Google Maps. Just click on the link to look for the exact location. Do not worry about suffering from food poisoning because of the location of this place. I have been here many times and have brought different guests here without any casualty. Haha.

They especially love the lala here. For sihum lover like myself, I don't mind eating 3 plates on my own. Good luck and do check it out!


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