Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Bold new flavours at Bulgogi Brothers

The Bulgogi Brothers franchise has been in Malaysia for less than 1.5 years and they have opened up 4 outlets in the Klang Valley. If you are unfamiliar, they are now opened in Paradigm Mall, Pavilion KL, e@Curve and Mid Valley Megamall. This is thanks to the management of Chaswood Resources who also owns and manages other well known F&B brands in Malaysia. Namely ; TGIF, Italiannies, The Apartment, Teh Tarik Place, Laundry, Baci, Malones and Watami.

Bulgogi Brothers is a Korean casual dining restaurant concept founded by Intae Jung and Chaiwoo Yi. The first ever outlet was opened in Year 2006 in Gangnam, Seoul. Since then, Bulgogi Brothers has more than 40 outlets in S.Korea, Canada, Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia.

The first time I ate at Bulgogi Brothers was this outlet after 2 days of their opening. Read all about it here.

The Bulgogi Brothers, Paradigm Mall.

I was invited to an exclusive introduction to Bold New Flavours at Bulgogi Brothers as they unveil new dishes. It's good to know that they have decided to introduce more chicken dishes as I have stopped eating red meat this year. I brought along Mr Hubs for this review as he will be tasting the beef dishes.

WELCOME FOOD consists of healthy boiled corn, sweet potatoes and edamame beans (soybeans). 

Pumpkin soup. Taste the same as before.

From (L) to (R) : Sweet lotus root, mashed pumpkins and onion kimchi

From (L) to (R) : Spiced water crest, kimchi and radish.
Refillable banchan. (side dishes)

SAMGYETANG (Ginseng Chicken Soup). One whole spring chicken stuffed with jujubes, ginseng, garlic, chestnuts and 3 types of rice (glutinous, polished & glutinous millet rice)
This traditional Korean soup is only valid for a limited time only. From 9th December 2013 - 9th January 2014. Fantastic soup to be drank during rainy seasons.

SOGOGI MILSSAM (Sauteed Beef Wraps).  Naturally coloured+ wheat flour pancake wraps filled with seasoned sauteed beef sliced and crunch julienned potato.
+Pink - Beetroot, Green - Spinach & White - Original

Individual serving. Grab a piece of pancake, place some sauteed beef, julienned potato and alfafa sprouts.
The meat is tenderized with kiwi, pear fruit juices as Bulgogi Brothers do not use artificial tenderizers. This dish is salty and sweet and best eaten with the pancake.

DUBU CHICKEN (Crispy Tofu with Chicken). Golden brown tofu with marinated chicken drizzled with special Korean teriyaki sauce served with bean sprouts.
Generous portion of tofu and firm in texture is breaded with flour and eggs before it is sent to fry. The chicken is lightly grilled. The gravy is delightfully fruity with a hint of spiciness. (Thai dry chilli powder)

GALBI TANG (Beef Short Ribs Soup). A 3 hour preparation of rich but delicate soup made from beef short ribs and Korean herbs. Served with rice. 

Beef broth is the base for this soup. The meat was soaked in water 4-5 hours prior to cooking in order to remove the blood. This soup is boiled with ginseng, spring onions and sliced jujubes. Garnished with julienned egg whites and egg yolks. You may also dip the meat with a special dip sauce (vinegar, chili flakes, onions)

DAK GALBI BULGOGI (Spicy Chicken Bulgogi). Juicy chicken thighs marinated in a special spicy Bulgogi sauce and served with a medley of vegetables and rice cakes. Served with rice.

After it was cooked. I was afraid that this will turn out very spicy due to its colour. But it actually taste quite good. If you do not want to eat this with rice, you can opt to eat it wrapped in fresh lettuce. It also helps to ease the spiciness of the dish.

Dips for the BBQ items. 

BULGOGI BROTHERS SPECIAL. Unyangsik Bulgogi and Gwangyangsik Bulgogi.

UNYANGSIK BULGOGI. Seasoned beef and hand-pressed into heart shapes. This dish is marinated ala minute before serving. 

A cooked piece of Unyangsik Bulgogi.

GWANGYANGSIK BULGOGI. Thinly sliced seasoned beed served with mushrooms, sweet potatoes leeks and onions.

Cooked Gwangyangsik Bulgogi. Eat it with fresh lettuce.

BBQ items are cooked by the ever friendly wait staff of Bulgogi Brothers. I personally feel that it is best to let them know how you like your beef to prevent the meat of being overcooked. 

The plus point of this restaurant is that I don't smell of BBQ food after sitting there for over 3 hours. Normally friends can tell that I just came from having a hearty Korean meal.

Visit their website or Facebook page for more information :

Operation Hours :
Mon - Sun : from 11am onwards


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