Sunday, November 17, 2013

Slurp Cafe , 3 Two Square PJ

Slurp Cafe Malaysia is opened for a month now. I heard of this place from my sister and her boyfriend. They hangout at 3 Two Square most of the time for convenience. Slurp Cafe is located next door to Starbucks Coffee.

Slurp Cafe serves Japanese fusion food. You can expect a mix of Japanese, Western, Italian and Malaysian flavours. The chef is also one of the 3 owners of this cafe. Young jovial chap that actually came out and talk to customers and ask how was the food and whether everything is okay.

He did mention that service can be slow sometimes due to staffing matter. They are working on it and he did warn us that people have complaint about it. They are trying their best to work on it and hope that everyone will give them a chance.

I have no problem with that as long as I'm not too hungry that day!

Cute logo. The character is lying on its back after a hearty meal is what I derive from the logo.

Batmobile in the house.

The walls of this cafe is lined with cute cartoon and super heroes. The first impression is that this is an otaku (Japanese term that refers to people with obsessive interests, commonly the anime and manga fandom- taken from Wiki) cafe.

Complimentary drink on a shot glass. Lemon-y in taste. I assume this is to open up our appetite for what awaits us.

Cafe Latte

Americano. They serve Musetti (italian coffee) brand.

Chicken Chop Curry Rice. Portion here are huge. You won't leave here hungry. Instead of using Japanese rice, the chef uses fragrant rice mixed with herbs. Generous portion of curry potatoes,eggs, chicken chop and papadom.

 Top view of the Pan Fried Dory

Side view of the Pan Fried Dory. Simple dish that taste very good.

 After tasting the food that we have ordered, we will be back again. We can feel that the chef cooks from his heart and he genuinely care about what he puts on a plate. Most people will comment that the portion is huge.

I even asked the chef whether they make any money out of it. Looking at the price and the portion served. He said shyly, "a bit lar". As he wants to serve people quality food.

C-16-01, Dataran 32,
No.2, Jalan 19/1,
46300 Petaling Jaya,
03-7497 1367


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