Monday, June 3, 2013

Soup Restaurant, 1 Utama Shopping Centre

This weekend was awful for me because I wasted my Friday and Saturday nights in bed. I had a bad bout of gastric attack. A big no-no for a foodie. Needless to say, I've been living off porridge and warm water only and the worst thing was that I can't drink any coffee or fizzy drinks (both are my favourites).

I felt better on Sunday and decided to go out for dinner. The first place that came to mind was Soup Restaurant at 1 Utama Shopping Centre. I have not tried this particular restaurant before as there is always a queue. The last time I was near there, I ended up at Petite Millie.

Today, I am determine to check out this restaurant. There was a line and we waited. Got our number and menu. And proceed to wait a while more. Finally, our number is called and the hostess took our order. We waited somemore before being shown to our seat. This whole process probably took up 15-20 minutes of our time.

The good thing is that, the food came quite fast. And it's free of MSG as advertised on the facade of this restaurant.

 The facade and the line.

The interior - cosy.

The tagline : Everyday is a reunion with us.

Lotus Root Soup - too bland. The soup is cooked without peanuts and sotong for extra flavouring.

Beggar Bowl Samsui Chicken with Ginger. This dish came out not hot enough. The rice was still a bit cold.

 Penang Mee Suah. This came out good. I've never eaten mee suah this springy. And the portion is huge. For small eaters, you may want to share this.

Soup Restaurant is one of the many chain restaurant from Singapore. I've tried a few of the similar type and was deeply disappointed. Maybe I did not order the right thing or perhaps they need to improve in their recipes.

There was a line to pay for the food. All in all, I won't be back because it's too taxing to eat here. They gave me a feeling of  "no proper system". The waiters took their own sweet time to clear the tables when there's a long line of hungry customers waiting. The hostess in front had to do 10 people's job at one go because her colleagues are unreliable. The tables are not properly cleaned and the cutleries still have remnant of leftovers.

I really want to spare the gory details of this place but I really can't and it's not exactly cheap to eat here. So, if you're looking for good food and have a quick meal, this is not the place for you.

Soup Restaurant
Lot G210A, Ground Floor,
1 Utama Shopping Centre,
No.1, Lebuh Bandar Utama,
Petaling Jaya,
47800 Selangor.
03-7727 2788


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