Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Mr Jones' Orphanage, Siam Center Bangkok

Mr Jones' Orphanage is one of the must visit cafe for my recent trip to Bangkok. I've read about it from another blogger and love the concept. We can't really find anything similar to it here in Malaysia. The name itself is already very attractive and I've passed by it couple of time when I was walking towards BTS Siam. It is strategically located near the exit towards BTS Siam and you will see Siam Paragon's entrance in front of you.

The exterior

The interior

Yummy looking calories ladden cakes on display.

A closer view of some of the cakes on display. This is heaven for the sweet tooth.

Booth seats. Very tight and hard to manoeuver (even for me). I think this place is meant for kids only. Haha 

Teddy bears are strewn all over the place like a bear wonderland.

Remember toy soldiers? It's all blu-tac onto the handle of the restaurant.

The beverages menu

The desserts menu

Close up view of Chocky Mud Pie.

Chocky Mud Pie with Vanilla Ice Cream

From (L) to (R) : Chocolate milkshake and That's Right, Oreo.

They are known for the milk based beverages. And milk in Thailand is super tasty. I don't get tummy ache when I drank milk there, it's a good sign coz I love milk! You have to order both so that it complement each other. 

You will find that the milkshake is not super rich like most western cafes. The taste is subtle at first and grow on you gradually and works very well with the desserts.

Be there early coz it's always packed with customers. Just like any malls in Bangkok, they close pretty early 9pm or 10pm. Some shops closes around 8-ish pm which is a bummer. I would like to explore more when it's less packed.

Seenspace Thonglor 13,
Siam Center,


  1. Saw so many reviews on this restaurant, must be one of the hottest in Bangkok!

    1. you have to line up to get in so it's a hot place!


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