Friday, June 21, 2013

Boat Noodles, Victory Monument Bangkok

Boat noodles was previously sold by the boat, hence the name (duh!). They have since moved into shoplots to continue selling their specialty. Boat noodles are cheap bite size noodles served in a bowl that costs around 10 Baht (RM1.40) per bowl. I was told that it was 8 Baht last time. Times have changed and perhaps an increase in shop rental (who knows).

This is the biggest public transport hub in the whole of Bangkok. It's like Puduraya of KL. All the buses, minivans, taxis etc will stop here. It looked pretty empty when this photo was taken because it was not rush hour yet. Photo taken around 3-4pm on a Saturday.

Take a train to BTS Victory Monument. Upon exiting the train, look for the area map within the station before leaving. Walk northbound and if you're not sure take out your iPhone and use the bloody compass. You will see this beautiful monument on your left all the way. Take the pedestrian bridge, don't be a smart ass. It's a long walk and there will be street performers along the way (it was the weekend, not sure about weekdays).  

Depending on how fast you walk, it took us about 7-10 minutes to walk to the end of the pedestrian bridge. I was wearing these for the walk. Saja wanna show off my new sneakers lar. And it was beyond comfortable. I'm not paid by Nike to say this although it would be nice :)

+You will see a 7 Eleven on your right. The boat noodle restaurants are located behind 7 Eleven.+

There are about 3 shops selling the same thing. The workers wore purple uniform in the first 2 shops. We opt for the last one wearing orange. Don't know why.

Pork boat noodles being prepared.

Beef boat noodles station.

The menu (front)

The menu (back)

We are served 2 cups of ice upon taking our seat. Regardless of what you order I suppose. You can probably just eat the damn thing without ordering any drink. It's needed coz the walk made us hot and sweaty.

Sauces to enhance the flavour of the noodle.

Fried pork rinds. Yum!
Spicy pork boat noodle. A hint of sourness (it's the chilli)

Non-spicy pork boat noodle. Strong tasting soup. Love it!

 First round of order.

Total damage = 13 bowls. Not much compared to other tables.

Our total bill came up to 150 Baht (RM15.60). This consists of 13 bowls of boat noodles, 1 bowl of fried pork rinds and water. Cheap, tasty and yummy in the tummy.

I will come here again the next time I visit Bangkok. Aroy! (means tasty in Thai I think!)


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