Saturday, June 29, 2013

Hau Gang Restaurant

Hau Gang Restaurant is located in the older part of Puchong. I have passed by this place countless times but never tried it. One of the nearby eatery owner recommended it to us. He's a foodie himself and love the food at there. It's a waste that the place is not as busy as they deserve. And people tend to be skeptical about restaurants that are half full.

It was raining that day and I was craving for soup. And I crave for the weirdest things at the oddest hours. No, I'm not pregnant. I'm just hungry all the time.

Salted Vegetable soup. Love this as a lot of restaurant can get this simple and cheap soup wrong. It tastes like mom's cooking.

Koong Poh Diced Chicken. The gravy is just nice and not overly spicy.

Stir-fried choi sam with garlic. Enough "wok hei".

Kam Heong Lala. The lala is surprisingly fresh. A simple dish that satiate my cravings for shellfish.

The waiter and waitress here are very eager to assist and take our order. But we felt that they were too enthusiasted about having customers. There is a sense of desperation, I do feel bad for them. 

They are honest people trying to make a living and serve their customers as best as they could. And I do like that about them. I will definitely go back and try other dishes as they have a variety of dishes to choose from.

If you're in the area, why not give them a try? And their prices are very reasonable. The above costs us less than RM50.

Hau Gang Restaurant
85, Jalan Kenari 20,
Bandar Puchong Jaya,
47100 Puchong,
010-277 8048

Friday, June 21, 2013

Boat Noodles, Victory Monument Bangkok

Boat noodles was previously sold by the boat, hence the name (duh!). They have since moved into shoplots to continue selling their specialty. Boat noodles are cheap bite size noodles served in a bowl that costs around 10 Baht (RM1.40) per bowl. I was told that it was 8 Baht last time. Times have changed and perhaps an increase in shop rental (who knows).

This is the biggest public transport hub in the whole of Bangkok. It's like Puduraya of KL. All the buses, minivans, taxis etc will stop here. It looked pretty empty when this photo was taken because it was not rush hour yet. Photo taken around 3-4pm on a Saturday.

Take a train to BTS Victory Monument. Upon exiting the train, look for the area map within the station before leaving. Walk northbound and if you're not sure take out your iPhone and use the bloody compass. You will see this beautiful monument on your left all the way. Take the pedestrian bridge, don't be a smart ass. It's a long walk and there will be street performers along the way (it was the weekend, not sure about weekdays).  

Depending on how fast you walk, it took us about 7-10 minutes to walk to the end of the pedestrian bridge. I was wearing these for the walk. Saja wanna show off my new sneakers lar. And it was beyond comfortable. I'm not paid by Nike to say this although it would be nice :)

+You will see a 7 Eleven on your right. The boat noodle restaurants are located behind 7 Eleven.+

There are about 3 shops selling the same thing. The workers wore purple uniform in the first 2 shops. We opt for the last one wearing orange. Don't know why.

Pork boat noodles being prepared.

Beef boat noodles station.

The menu (front)

The menu (back)

We are served 2 cups of ice upon taking our seat. Regardless of what you order I suppose. You can probably just eat the damn thing without ordering any drink. It's needed coz the walk made us hot and sweaty.

Sauces to enhance the flavour of the noodle.

Fried pork rinds. Yum!
Spicy pork boat noodle. A hint of sourness (it's the chilli)

Non-spicy pork boat noodle. Strong tasting soup. Love it!

 First round of order.

Total damage = 13 bowls. Not much compared to other tables.

Our total bill came up to 150 Baht (RM15.60). This consists of 13 bowls of boat noodles, 1 bowl of fried pork rinds and water. Cheap, tasty and yummy in the tummy.

I will come here again the next time I visit Bangkok. Aroy! (means tasty in Thai I think!)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Thai Street Food near Central World, Bangkok

If you dare to eat street food then this is one of the places that you must try in Bangkok. The thai street food outside of Central World is popular and infested with both locals and tourists. Take a train (BTS Sukhumvit Line) and alight at Chit Lom station. You will see plenty of 5 star hotels around the area and the popular Erawan Shrine is also located nearby.

Once you've entered Central World mall, look for Isetan. Exit the mall from the main entrance near Isetan. Keep to your left by the main road and you will see 3-4 stalls selling the same food. Take a sit at any one of the stalls or the one with the most customers. But come 8pm, tables will extended to the side of the main road I kid you not!

This is around 7pm. Packed to the brim.

Busy busy chopping up squids and stuff.

This is around 6pm.

Tables on standby.

Traffic building up. This is a main road that never sleeps.

Quench our thirst with a big Singha. Cheers!
White Rice.
Thais love their Morning Glory aka Kangkung aka Water Convolvulus aka Water Spinach.
Grilled Pork Neck.
Tom Yam Goong. Won't have it any other way.
Salt Baked Tilapia.
The aftermath.

All photos are cross processed because the originals came out shitty. I don't own a DSLR or a SLR so it will have to do. Wear light clothing when you're there coz it's pretty humid and hope that it doesn't rain. Seats are tight so if you've just finished shopping, be prepared to put your goodies on the ground.

We paid about 700 baht in total for this. With the current conversion rate, it's about RM72.80 for 2 plus 1 beer. It's quite alright because all the portions are huge. Thank god we are gluttons or else we'll waste a lot of food. And the good news is that I did not suffer from diarrhea. Good sign indeed!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Mr Jones' Orphanage, Siam Center Bangkok

Mr Jones' Orphanage is one of the must visit cafe for my recent trip to Bangkok. I've read about it from another blogger and love the concept. We can't really find anything similar to it here in Malaysia. The name itself is already very attractive and I've passed by it couple of time when I was walking towards BTS Siam. It is strategically located near the exit towards BTS Siam and you will see Siam Paragon's entrance in front of you.

The exterior

The interior

Yummy looking calories ladden cakes on display.

A closer view of some of the cakes on display. This is heaven for the sweet tooth.

Booth seats. Very tight and hard to manoeuver (even for me). I think this place is meant for kids only. Haha 

Teddy bears are strewn all over the place like a bear wonderland.

Remember toy soldiers? It's all blu-tac onto the handle of the restaurant.

The beverages menu

The desserts menu

Close up view of Chocky Mud Pie.

Chocky Mud Pie with Vanilla Ice Cream

From (L) to (R) : Chocolate milkshake and That's Right, Oreo.

They are known for the milk based beverages. And milk in Thailand is super tasty. I don't get tummy ache when I drank milk there, it's a good sign coz I love milk! You have to order both so that it complement each other. 

You will find that the milkshake is not super rich like most western cafes. The taste is subtle at first and grow on you gradually and works very well with the desserts.

Be there early coz it's always packed with customers. Just like any malls in Bangkok, they close pretty early 9pm or 10pm. Some shops closes around 8-ish pm which is a bummer. I would like to explore more when it's less packed.

Seenspace Thonglor 13,
Siam Center,

Monday, June 3, 2013

Soup Restaurant, 1 Utama Shopping Centre

This weekend was awful for me because I wasted my Friday and Saturday nights in bed. I had a bad bout of gastric attack. A big no-no for a foodie. Needless to say, I've been living off porridge and warm water only and the worst thing was that I can't drink any coffee or fizzy drinks (both are my favourites).

I felt better on Sunday and decided to go out for dinner. The first place that came to mind was Soup Restaurant at 1 Utama Shopping Centre. I have not tried this particular restaurant before as there is always a queue. The last time I was near there, I ended up at Petite Millie.

Today, I am determine to check out this restaurant. There was a line and we waited. Got our number and menu. And proceed to wait a while more. Finally, our number is called and the hostess took our order. We waited somemore before being shown to our seat. This whole process probably took up 15-20 minutes of our time.

The good thing is that, the food came quite fast. And it's free of MSG as advertised on the facade of this restaurant.

 The facade and the line.

The interior - cosy.

The tagline : Everyday is a reunion with us.

Lotus Root Soup - too bland. The soup is cooked without peanuts and sotong for extra flavouring.

Beggar Bowl Samsui Chicken with Ginger. This dish came out not hot enough. The rice was still a bit cold.

 Penang Mee Suah. This came out good. I've never eaten mee suah this springy. And the portion is huge. For small eaters, you may want to share this.

Soup Restaurant is one of the many chain restaurant from Singapore. I've tried a few of the similar type and was deeply disappointed. Maybe I did not order the right thing or perhaps they need to improve in their recipes.

There was a line to pay for the food. All in all, I won't be back because it's too taxing to eat here. They gave me a feeling of  "no proper system". The waiters took their own sweet time to clear the tables when there's a long line of hungry customers waiting. The hostess in front had to do 10 people's job at one go because her colleagues are unreliable. The tables are not properly cleaned and the cutleries still have remnant of leftovers.

I really want to spare the gory details of this place but I really can't and it's not exactly cheap to eat here. So, if you're looking for good food and have a quick meal, this is not the place for you.

Soup Restaurant
Lot G210A, Ground Floor,
1 Utama Shopping Centre,
No.1, Lebuh Bandar Utama,
Petaling Jaya,
47800 Selangor.
03-7727 2788
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