Friday, March 29, 2013

The Grind Burger Bar

New burger joint alert! This time it's hitting the older part of PJ, Section 17! You see, life is pretty unfair. When I lived there for over 20 years, there's nothing there but market and hawker food. A couple of years after I've moved to Timbuktu, cool F&B outlets start sprouting like nobody's business.

My boss who currently resides there told me that there's this new place along Kanna Curry House in Section 17 called The Grind. Not The Daily Grind in Bangsar. So don't get confused by the name.

My parents and grandma was away on Sunday and my brother proceed to call me for makan. I think he was too lazy to drive..hehe. My sister finishes work at 6pm on Sundays and her boyfriend will normally have dinner with her. But since I'll be going to PJ with Mr Hubs, all of us got into a car and try The Grind.

There are plenty of parking on weekends. What I like about this place is the decor (brick wall) and table settings. There are plenty of spaces in between tables. I dislike dining in a crowded area for dinner. Lunch is fine because everyone is rushing for time.

Bar seating arrangements in the middle of the restaurant.

See the brick wall? Don't you just love it? It reminds me of the song Wonderwall by Oasis.

This is Black Cow. What is Black Cow? Root beer float. Just don't stick your straw in once the drink comes. Sip a lot of it or else you'll be wasting half a glass of your drink. All come spewing out like a witches' brew.

+And Brown Cow is Coke Float. White Cow is Sprite Float.+

Wild Mushrooms Soup. Not so good.  With the price charged, I would expect something better. And it came out lukewarm.

Chilli Pork with Cheese. This is a nice appetiser to share

My order of Bangers & Mash Pork. This is reasonable and not too oily. But the floor staff forgot to give me my cutlery. Had to ask for it. Maybe because they are still new?

The Fiery Peppercorn Burger (Pork). My brother's order. Not much of a comment from him eventhough he's a burger lover.

The JD Burger (Pork). This is quite alright. The patty is very homemade style.

The Grind House Burger (Pork). We ordered 2 of this. One of the patty was too dry, the other was okay. The bacon was too crisp and tasted like bakwa. This is one wet burger. If you don't like mess, don't order this.

Chocolate brownies with Vanilla Ice Cream.  The brownies was not heated up or else it would've tasted better.

Overall, this place is okay. Not bad for a new place. And the plus point is that your clothes won't smell of burger when you leave. The waiters and waitresses need to be more alert and not keep apologizing for not giving people their cutleries and etc. 

According to my sister who have been there before. On normal days the service is fast and attentive. Maybe they just need to learn how to cope the weekend crowds.

No.7, Jalan 17/45,
46400 Petaling Jaya,



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