Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Petite Millie +closed down+

Petite Millie is a place that I've always wanted to tryout. But everytime I pass by, I have already eaten. If you're wondering where this place is. They are located inside of 1Utama Shopping Centre. I haven't been there much after the renovation coz I've moved to Timbuktu. 1Utama used to be my favourite haunt. I was there 3-4 times a week when I was still living at home.

The open concept kitchen. The chefs are hard at work.

Simple decor with soft lighting. It's pretty dark and romantic inside. Probably one of the darkest restaurant in 1 Utama.

Petite Millie - Good Food, Good Company. Yes, indeed.

Wanted to be healthy so we ordered fruit juice.

Poutine Cheek and it's deadly.... -  I swear this is the name of the dish. It's on their menu if you don't believe me. You won't die from eating this dish. But it's good. The beef cheek is tender and the cheese is not overwhelming. The combo is pretty awesome.

Manila Clams Linguine -  I love the freshness of the clams and the linguine is cooked al dente. I love this especially. I'm not an avid fan of pasta but I don't mind having more of this.

The only setback is that the portion is small. Hence the name Petite..duh. But after sharing 2 of the dishes above, my tummy was still screaming, "More food please". It felt like I had appetisers only. Sorry for being a glutton. The next time I go, I might need to order 2 portions of the Manila Clams Linguine.

Lot G146, Ground Floor,
1 Utama Shopping Centre,
47800 Petaling Jaya,
03-7732 0395


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