Thursday, November 8, 2012

Kiku Zakura Japanese Restaurant *CLOSED DOWN*

After our trip to Singapore, we came back to celebrate Mr Hubs birthday. The party never ends. It starts with Universal Studio Singapore and back to reality in Puchong. And so, we've been wanting to check out Kiku Zakura Japanese Restaurant because the last time any of us ate there was centuries ago.

My last experience was when they were in Jaya Supermarket and the place had been demolished. And Mr Hubs experience was at the other outlet at Mid Valley. We have not met yet at that time so it was centuries ago.

Back to the story of us eating here together for the very first time. We went to our friendly (not!) neighbourhood mall and it was freezing our tits off. Air conditioning must be cheap in Puchong. I had to wear a hoodie and Mr Hubs being his strong self wore shorts and regretted every minute of it.

Beautiful geisha print cups for the ocha (fancy word for green tea)

The chopstick is so zen (another fancy word for serenity, peace, in the zone)

Pickled white radish with julienned carrots and cut chilli. A bit spicy for me. Mr Hubs love it. He's a spice boy.

This is a rare gem. Not the ready made kind. It's spicier than the generic brands. In case if you're wondering what the hell is this. It's wasabi (A Japanese plant of the cabbage family with a thick green root that tastes like strong horseradish and is used in cooking) <-- obviously I plucked this off the net.

Tasty gyoza. The most generous and juiciest gyoza I've had so far. I can just come here and eat this whole night long.

Assorted Sashimi. And this shot suck coz I don't know how to take pics of sashimi. It's super fresh but the bowl was a tad messy. I think they didn't have time to prepare this properly. The ice at the bottom was a bit wobbly and don't fancy the white stuff for base. 

View from left angle.

View from the right angle.

Grilled scallop. Too dry and sliced too thin.

Tamago. My favourite and the rest of the kids in Japan. I can vouch for them. Thick portion with just enough rice as base. Love it and it's uh-mazing~

 Sliced Hotate (Scallop) Sushi.

And yes, 2 of us at the lot. We were famished and the food was good. Will be back soon when we have moolah. Japanese food is not cheap unless if you're eating at those chain restaurants. 

Kiku Zakura Japanese Restaurant
Lot ET 5, 3rd Floor,
IOI Mall, Batu 9,
Jalan Puchong,
47100 Puchong,
Tel : 03-8076 8581 

*also available in Mid Valley Megamall & Berjaya Times Square


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