Sunday, November 11, 2012

A new way to dine

Couple of days ago, I received a text from my dad asking me whether I'm interested to have dinner at his friend's place. And that it's not a restaurant, but a home and there's no menu. The chef will cook whatever that he have on hand. Ahh! This is interesting. And I immediately text back and ask for more info. Where, what, when, why and how?

They only have limited tables (2 to be exact) and confirmation of attendance is important. And each pax pay X amount of money to enjoy the food. Great! I'm game! And so, 5 of us (mom, dad, brother, Mr Hubs & I) were to meet at X address at 7.30pm. We are the only group for that night. Got the address from dad and find our way to the place. We parked at a quiet, upscale neighbourhood in KL, it was drizzling and there's no sign of a makan place in sight. It looks like a cosy townhouse and no music playing on the street.

We looked around (the street was dimly lit and it was drizzling) and found the address. We approach the house with caution. And walked up to the front porch. There was soft music playing on the laptop, a round table with cigar, plates everywhere and a huge mirror.

The walls are lined with guitars, records, caps and nifty goods etc

Roast Pork - we love this because the meat is lean for the health conscious and crunchy skin. Dad prefers the meat with more fats. 

Moroccan & Indian Fusion Bone Marrow Mutton - the winner of the night. It would be good if there's bread to dip because the gravy is excellent. Different types of spice and not overwhelming. Chef Benjy gave us straws to suck on the bone marrow.  He call this dish "as long as you don't die eating it bone marrow" in Hokkien.

The one I ate. Licked off all the gravy from the bone. Hehe..

Kapitan Chicken Curry. This is another winner and I wish for bread again. Chef Benjy have his way of surprising and seducing one's taste bud. It looks like any chicken curry but once you eat it, you'll know the difference. First bite, fragrance spices and the spiciness slowly kicks in and throw you off. (mind blowing - good way) The potatoes are cooked with the skin which is something new because Asian cooking normally removed the skin.

White rice to complement the dishes.

 Steamed fish. Better than the popular Lan Je. The fish is steamed with chilli, onions, celery, Mirin etc. As you eat, there's a certain crunchiness from the celery in the gravy.

Stir fried bitter gourd with roast pork. This is to balance off the heatiness from the mutton. The bitter gourd is bitter (as it should be) and the gravy is sweet. It is a delightful combination.

Every single detail and produce used by Chef Benjy is of high quality and none of us felt thirsty after the wholesome meal. According to him, he do not like pre-prepared food and enjoy making everything from scratch.

My brother looking smug after the wholesome meal. In the background, Chef Benjy chats with dad.

He's a chatty guy who entertained us throughout the meal and update my dad on what he had been doing. And his natural love for cooking and entertaining. We also asks him what else he could cook. As I've mentioned earlier on, this place do not have a menu. If you wish to have a certain type of food, all you need to do is inform him in advance and he'll prepare it. Price varies depending on the cuisine.

Chef Benjy looks like Kitaro and John Lennon. And my brother took this photo therefore he's not in the frame.

For those who are interested to check out Chef Benjy's home cooked goodness, please email me. He do not cook for just anybody. That's his quote, not mine.


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