Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Lighthouse Coffee Bar, Penang *CLOSED DOWN*

Malaysia Day long weekend was spent in Penang because the last time we were there was during the Chinese New Year break. Been longing to go back for a while but the thought of traffic jam overcomes our desire to travel. Especially during the peak season of Hari Raya celebration and Merdeka Day.

I come to know about Lighthouse Coffee Bar in Penang through some blogs I found before the CNY break. And I've been meaning to check this place out but they were closed during that festive season. This time though, we were lucky and they were opened for business.

Parking was a breeze because we got there early (4pm) and it was in between lunch and dinner hours. But I can't say the same for the inside. The place was packed and we stood around for a while before a table was available. I guess the people felt bad for making a pregnant woman (good friend's wife...hehe) stand too long and they quickly paid their bill. When in doubt and worry about no table, bring a pregnant lady.

Lighthouse Coffee Bar is located inside one of the many beautiful heritage buildings in Penang. See how pretty the facade is and it just makes you wanna go in and sit.

The signage inside the cafe. This pic came out shitty coz I cropped the bloody thing. Ah well, it still looks better than the original pic.

Place your order at the counter. This pic look dark and it's intentional. Photo snapped with my LX5 with the Art Filter (Silhouette).

Many well wishers here and from the post it notes here, many have came and drank here. Love the different lighting that appears here. From light to dark.

Mr BT's Iced Caffe Mocha

Mr Hubs' Long Black and brown sugar. According to him, it's a bit too light for his liking.

Mr BT's wife order (I call her Ms I) Iced Blended Mint Chocolate. According to her, the mint is not overpowering that it covers the chocolate but it's light as well. 

My order. The usual Cappuccino. To me, this is fine because the milk is nicely froth.

Surprise..surprise! French Vanilla Crepe. My favourite dessert. However, I've had better ones. The texture was a bit too hard for me and leaning towards the sweet side.

I heard that the Tiramisu here is a must try. Next round, I will definitely order that. And I'll wait til Ms I had given birth so that we can share a serving of that. It's laced with alcohol and she's currently preggers.

Here are some additional photos just for kicks. I thought it looked "mood" and the mini Diana is a naughty and fun little thing. She's photogenic too, don't you think?

 I will be back soon to try out their Signature drinks. They have Champagne Coffee or something which I spy with my little eye.

 Lighthouse Coffee Bar
Logan Heritage Building,
No.4, Bishop Street, 
Georgetown, Penang.
04-263 3628


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