Saturday, September 22, 2012

Chilla Cup Coffee Appreciation Workshop +closed down+

I am honored to participate in Chilla Cup's Coffee Appreciation Workshop this afternoon. For those who know me personally, will know that I love coffee. The good people of Chilla Cup organised this workshop with School of Coffee by KaffeeKultur, Singapore. There were 4 sessions in total from yesterday and today. My session consists of medias and bloggers which totals up to 10 people per session and it feels more private and easier interaction with the Master Roaster of KaffeeKultur.

Ms Wendy Lam of Chilla Cup kickstart the workshop with her opening speech and special thanks to everyone for taking the time to attend today's session of coffee appreciation workshop.

Mr Tony of KaffeeKultur, Singapore introduces himself.

The coffee sifu himself. An engaging individual that cracks joke during the workshop. We learnt that there are 3 class of coffee ; arabica, robusta and liberica. *eye opening*

Kenya coffee bean.

Various Arabica coffee beans for us to look see.

Samples of bad coffee beans. Who knows that there are so many and classified into different categories.

More cacat-ed coffee beans.

We smelled, cracked and chewed both freshly roasted and burnt coffee beans. Decomposition happens gradually after the beans are roasted. Once the beans are grinded, it will stay fresh for 5 minutes therefore it is essential to prepare the coffee immediately to ensure it's freshness.

Cafe Latte

Piccolo Latte.

Mr Tony demonstrates using alternative methods to prepare a cup of coffee. 

Vintage storage box.

A fellow coffee enthusiast aka my son aka Mr JL. (Not Justin Timberlake or J.Lo ok?)

Siphon and filtering.

Coffee is science.

The master sifu explains that by using this method, the coffee will come out cleaner and more concentrate. 

Stirring the freshly ground coffee.

This method requires a lot of attention to ensure that the result is constant everytime.

It's almost done now.

More stirring and smelling.

Mr Tony serving us the freshly brewed coffee (using Chilla Cup's special blend of course) - Siphon method.

The coffee residue.

Overall, it was a great experience. And I'm glad that I sacrifice my Saturday sleep to attend this. Being a coffee lover is one thing, learning about how much effort is put into making it happen is truly inspiring. 

Once again, I want to thank both Chilla Cup and KaffeeKultur (Singapore) for making this happen.

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