Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Humble Beginnings

My favourite online cake shop is now opened in Bangsar. I paid them a visit last Sunday afternoon because I was craving for sweet stuff. And for your info, I'm not pregnant. I just crave for certain kind of food sometimes.

Humble Beginnings do live up to their name. They started out small (online with the option for delivery or self pick up) and with the best intention to provide you fresh mille crepe. God knows we are lack of that in the Klang Valley.

When I heard that they have opened an outlet in Bangsar, I got super excited and decided to check it out. They are located next to Subway in Bangsar (Telawi area). Sitting area is limited due to the size of the outlet but the ambience is cosy.

After rebranding, this is how their logo looks like.

Sitting area and the cake counter.

A closer view of the French Vanilla Mille Crepe. 20 layers of goodness.

They also serve illy coffee. I did not snap the photo because I was too excited when my cake order came. Sorry y'all. 

Should you choose to order online and opt for delivery (available in both Malaysia and Singapore), you may log on to their website here :

If you prefer to dine in, here is their outlet address :
30, Jalan Telawi,
Bangsar Baru,
59100 Kuala Lumpur.
03-2282 8035

Monday, August 13, 2012

Bulgogi Brothers, Paradigm Mall

I've never been to Paradigm Mall until today because there was so much bad rep about this new mall. I do understand why. From the moment we entered the car park, the feeling of unease starts to build. There are too many sharp corners and weird turning in the carpark and it felt like the place was built in a rush.

After much struggle and manoeuvring, we found a parking spot near one of the many entrance. You can never be too careful these days with mall robbers lurking around.

Since this mall is new to me and Mr Hubs, it takes a while to find our bearings. We found the electronic directory in no time (thank God) and start to look for a place to eat. La la la...boring boring boring...the same old restaurant in all the malls...and aha! There is one unfamiliar name...Bulgogi Brothers. Sounds so Korean and Brokeback and intriguing. This is a place we MUST check out.

Big menu. Few selection of dishes. Straight forward and pork free.

Complimentary healthy starter. They call it the Welcome Food.

The interior with big beautiful wall paintings.

Tea of the day. A pitcher for each table.

Complimentary Pumpkin Soup with Almond Flakes. This is absolutely fantastic. The thickness of the soup is just right with the crunchy almond flake to complement the pumpkin-ess of the soup.

Side dishes.

And more side dishes.

Kimchi. I'm no kimchi connoisseur but this reminds me of those supermarket bought kimchi. Not necessary a bad thing as it is crunchy and more sour than the homemade type. But for a restaurant like Bulgogi Brothers, I would expect better quality kimchi.

Seoulsik Bulgogi. Korean beef, enoki mushrooms, leeks, onions served with glass noodles. I love this combo and the best thing is that the beef is marinated with their special bulgogi sauce (combo of apple and pear).

Closer view of the bulgogi

Bulgogi boiling on the induction cooker.

This might confused a lot of people as I was in awe and forgot to snap the photos of how it ends up like this.
This is rice mixed with Gang DoenJang. 

Gang DoenJang is basically thick soybean paste stew. And normally rice is served with soup in Korean restaurant. In this case, the soup is pretty thick and it's mixed with the rice. It doesn't look appealing but the taste is extraordinary. A hint of spiciness and flavourful taste of soybean.

The service is excellent and they have knowledgeable staff who will educate the customers on how to enjoy every single food item in the menu. They will also constantly check on you and your food and whether you need anything. It could be exhausting having to nod and say "Yes, everything is fine. Thank you."

While we were eating, one of the Korean PR staff told us that it's actually their second day of operation. And that any feedback from the customers are very much appreciated. I personally think that this place will go far with a few others opening soon in Klang Valley. Next up will be at Pavilion, followed by e@Curve and last but not least in November they will be opening in Mid Valley Megamall.

Bulgogi Brothers
Lot GB 13 & 13A, Ground Floor,
Paradigm Mall,
No.1, Jalan Kelana SS7/26A,  
 Kelana Jaya,
 47301 Petaling Jaya,

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Khao by Rama V, Setia City Mall *CLOSED DOWN*

We waited for the craze to die down before heading to Setia City Mall today. We heard loads of great things about this mall as compared to an equally new mall in the PJ vicinity. We wanted to check out Khao by Rama V because we were in the mood for Thai food.

Khao means rice in Thai.

Casual dining setting.

(From L to R) : Thai Tea Milk and Lemongrass Pandan.

Chor Ladda - Flower Shaped Dumplings stuffed with minced chicken and peanut

Tom Yam Seafood - we prefer the one served at Rama V. Coz the one we had today tasted like loads of Shrimp Paste with water. 

Khao's Bento-style serving. This is Yellow Curry Chicken Set. Serving is generous.

Close up shot of the Yellow Curry Chicken.

The side dishes that comes with the set.

Khao Fried Rice. This is tasty but I got tipu by the cut onions as vegetable stems. Bit on it hard and my eyes welled up in tears. 

We both agreed that we still prefer Rama V for it's ambience and Tom Yam.

 Khao by Rama V
LG-21, Setia City Mall,
No.7, Persiaran Setia Dagang,
Bandar Setia Alam,
40170 Shah Alam,
03-3358 3159
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