Sunday, July 22, 2012

my Burger Lab

Ahh.. I love newly opened cafes and restaurants because it's so promising. myBurger Lab is newly opened this month (July 2012) in Seapark Petaling Jaya. A very unlikely location to open a burger joint, but hey! who's complaining ? I'm sure the folks of PJ would commend them for doing so.

I was there yesterday with Mr Hubs for our Brunchner (if you're wondering what's a Bruncher.. it's breakfast, lunch and dinner roll into one..). Weekends are lazy time for us both and we normally eat at weird hours of the day.

And so we were at myBurger Lab at around 5-ish pm. The place was pretty empty with 2 other tables and a very friendly greeting from the crew at myBurger Lab. It was quite shocking as we were both a little grouchy from no food the whole day and was basically famished. And the suddenly friendliness threw us off a little. But it's a good thing as both felt very welcomed.

You will notice that the walls of this little cafe is lined with writings and colours. We walked straight to a table and only then realised that we're supposed to order from the counter. Blur case maximum, kan ? Too hungry I must say. The menu is a big blackboard next to the counter. A friendly guy recommended us some burgers to try. And as I wasn't feeling adventurous yesterday, I just opt for a simple Say Cheese Burger while Mr Hubs opt for A+ Burger.

The facade of myBurger Lab

Colourful wall paintings

Collect your order here.

 The sitting area

 The counter where you place your orders

 Great taste with sauce. Heinz mustard and ketchup

Bottomless beverage if you add RM5 for the set

Say Cheese - Charcoal Bread (healthier option?), Sharp Cheddar and Smash Beef Patty

A different view of the set

A+ Burger - Sharp Cheddar, Caramelised Onions, Shiitake & Enoki Mushroom with Beef Patty

We both agreed that the burgers are nice. However, the ventilation in the cafe is not so good. If the cooking area is walled up with glass to separate from the dining area it would be perfect. We came out of the cafe smelling of burgers and we had a long night of outing. That's a pretty big no-no for us.

Be there early as by the time we were halfway through our meal the place is packed with hungry diners. By 6pm, people are waiting for tables. It was a bit of a rush for us to finish off our burger because we don't want others to stand around our table like a hungry ghost.  

The crowd here is a mixed of families and youngsters. I see a lot of college students here as well, perhaps the power of social media ? The table next to me was talking about reading about something in their Facebook page and the prices.

We'll be back to tryout the rest of the menus soon.

myBurger Lab
14, Jalan 21/22,
Petaling Jaya, 

Operation Hours :
Tues - Sun : 5pm - 11pm


  1. I kenot stand if my baju smell like food n specially the hair..uhh greasy..Ahh yes woman maybe u can also include if it's smoking or non-smoking yeah..

    1. only indoor smoking area woman.


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