Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Hoi Peng Seafood Restaurant, SS2 PJ

This is an old favourite of my family and I. We used to eat at the one located at Old Klang Road but the SS2 branch is much closer to home. Many nights ago (I think last year) we ate there coz I love to eat crabs, don't know why.

We went there when I first got my LX5 and the photos are mostly test shots by manual mode. I hope that it did not turn out too bad.

 Sotong Kangkung (direct translation would be Cuttlefish Water Convolvulus) to the extreme

 Close-up shot

 HK Kailan (my normal veg...hehe)

 Stir fried Clams with Ginger and Chinese Wine (the clams were fresh and tasty..yumz!)

 Lemon Chicken (so-so only coz the chicken is over-fried so the texture was too dry)

 Foo Yoong Egg (the safest dish in any Chinese restaurant across the world, if a particular restaurant eff up this dish then it's best not to return)

 Steamed Crab (just right and loads of meat)

My personal opinion on eating crabs is to only order the steamed ones coz it must be fresh and normally they will give you bigger ones with more meat. Not so fresh crabs are normally cooked with chilli and whatnot. Don't believe me ? Compare your crabs next time you have a seafood meal.

Hoi Peng Seafood Restaurant
30 Jalan SS 2/24,
 47300 Petaling Jaya,
03-7874 2199


  1. Sotong Kangkung and lemon chicken is my favorite food at this restaurant. My first visit to this restaurant was 2 years ago and after that I became a regular customer of this restaurant. Now I am happy to see the information about this blog online.
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    1. Great to know that :) You should try the "Taufu Bakar" as well. It's a must have. It sold out pretty fast. I'm going there again soon...Happy Eating~~


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