Sunday, April 29, 2012

Anna-thai Kitchen

We have not gone back to Penang since Chinese New Year and missed the food dearly. Therefore, we took a day off before Labour Day so that we could have a total of 4 days off plus the weekend to visit Penang and my in-laws.

We were supposed to start the journey early today so that we could start eating our way around Penang from noon. However, due to the previous late night of watching TVB series we woke up pretty late the next day and missed out our afternoon makan plan in Penang.

We arrived just in time for dinner and my MIL recommends that we try out Anna-thai Kitchen in Pulau Tikus. It’s a terrace house converted into a restaurant and when we got there the place was bustling with customers and food being served.

The interior of the restaurant is simple with a few tables at the porch area for smokers, and 2 indoor dining area. There are approximately 10 tables in total if I’m not mistaken. I did some research while I was inside the restaurant and found out that during the day, they sell Thai Economy Rice (I assume it is specially to cater to working professionals and their lunch time) and they serve ala carte menu during the night. 

Khai Jaew Cha Om – Thai Omelette with Cha Om Leaf
Cha Om Leaf is truly fragrant and not overpowering with the lightly fried eggs. It does not leave an oily after taste in your mouth. The sambal brings the omelette to a whole new level of "omelette-awesome-ness"

Gai Phat Katiam Pik Thai – Stir fried Chicken with Garlic & Black Pepper sauce
Pretty low key dish and the right amount of black pepper. Some place tend to overdo the black pepper as though it’s going out of fashion.

Phat Pak Boong Fi Daeng – Stir fried Water Spinach (Kang Kong) with Salted Soy Sauce
This is not what we expected. Our initial thought was, “Eh ? How come only the stem? How come so weird looking wan?” But this is truly simple and nice. I love this because they only serve the kangkong’s stems.

 Tom Yam Kung – Tom Yam Prawn
Nice tomyam but a bit too sour for me. Mr Hubs love it!

Pla Tord Chu Chi – Deep Fried Fish cooked with Brown Curry Sauce
This dish is not in the menu and highly recommended by the owner. Crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. With a light brownish colour curry sauce to complement. This dish is basically not drowned in gravy and I like it this way. The meat does not get soggy and more lasting during the meal. You get to taste the freshness of the fish rather than just the gravy.

After our delicious dinner, we had a little chit-chat with the owner and found out that they’ve only been opened for business about a year plus and the cook is his mother.  This is a great place for lovely home-cooked Thai food at a very affordable price. Here, you’ll be sure to have a pleasant dinner with their ever smiling server. This is indeed a place that practices “Service with a smile”

Anna-thai Kitchen
26, Jalan Moulmein,
Pulau Tikus,
10350 Georgetown,
04-227 7599
Closed on Monday


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