Friday, February 24, 2012

Kopi Cine @ China House, Penang

I visited Kopi Cine at China House twice in Penang this Chinese New Year due to the high recommendation of my boss Ms CT. She wax lyrical of their brewed coffee and I couldn't wait to check it out. As mentioned in one of my previous post, I normally seek for hawker food in Penang. I have never come across any nice coffee places there.

Before I left for Penang with Mr Hubs, I spent the night searching (I was tempted to say Googling but it's so cliché) the Net for other cafes to try out. I found a few other places but it was closed at that time. In a way, it's great news coz there'll be some place new for me to explore next.

Back to the main topic, Kopi Cine at China House. From what I've heard (psst local grapevine), the owner of this place is a wealthy Australian lady. The end of story. That's all I heard coz you know lar Chinese mar, it's all about the money.

I ask Mr Hubs' good friend Mr TBT the whereabout of this magical coffee place and he have never heard of it. I tell you ar, the locals are useless sometimes (hehe...jgn marah ya if you're reading this?)

The 4 of us set out in Mr AK's dad vintage Mercedes with malfunctioned air cond (we didn't know when we got into the car and regretted every seconds of it coz it's effingChineseNewYearandtheweatherishot) as it only blew out hot air. The outside temperature is cooler than the one inside the car. We got lost (3 out of 4 are Penangites, guess who is the tourist in there...)

When we finally found the place, it was like seeing light at the end of the tunnel. Here's a glimpse of the façade of the building.

As you can see, it's a heritage shoplot nicely refurbished with a touch of class to it. I call it simply chic.

The courtyard area. I call it the mini swimming pool. 

Old style entrance way. So cool and it feels like I'm brought back to ancient time.

Seating area for 2.

Tweak the pic a lil with my LX5. This one is called "Expressive" and it heightens the colours. The green gets greener and blah.

The last time I saw one of this type of door, it was in China inside the Forbidden City. I'm impressed.

One of the many indoors dining area. The alleyway is looooonng I tell you. There are also books lining the walls, not sure whether it's for the patrons reading pleasure or plain deco.

The goodies table. A wide selection of pastries and desserts. I almost experience eye orgasm when I saw this table. It also feels like Alice in Wonderland's tea party with the Mad Hatter. 

Scones oh lovely scones. I love them to bits.

Salted Caramel Apple Pie no less.

Quiche. This to me is okay-ish but to Mr TBT, it's not so good. Maybe he just don't like the texture. Quiche eating is a very subjective matter.

Pecan pie. I almost died when I ate this coz it was sooooo goood. Very generous with the nuts as you can see. 

My serving of ze scone.

After 2 bites. Yum

Chocolate Cake... according to the boys, this is the winner.

Iced Latte

Cappuccino. Nicely brewed.

Cafe Latte. My 2nd drink.

The address

The map.


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