Saturday, February 11, 2012

Cafe Barbera, Sunway Pyramid *CLOSED DOWN*

You will notice that I frequent places with good brewed coffee. It's a new found love since I left my old life behind. Cafe Barbera has always been on my list of must try. When I found out that they've opened a branch in Sunway Pyramid, I immediately went and try.

Chocolate Shake - strictly for those who like it sweet and thick. It's a very rich drink and I wouldn't say no to it. But if you have a small appetite, best not to order this coz you won't be able to finish your food.

Cappuccino Italiano. Heavy headed after I drank this for the first time and couldn't sleep.

Cappuccino Napoletano (as it was served, BC = before Christ).

Cappuccino Napoletano (after the espresso shot with thick crema is poured in, AC = after Christ). 
This is a better choice for me as I felt that this is lighter coz I like to drink coffee at any time of the day.

Mee Rebus. Not a bad choice.

Pan Grilled Dory Fish served with vegetables, mashed potato & dressed with anchovies sauce.
I'm not sure whether it was my bad luck on that day for eating out or the chef was dreaming when he made this. This is a plate of salt I tell you. The dory fish is coated with salt and obviously the anchovies sauce is super salty. Was there a major price drop in salt that I don't know about ? WTH?

Despite my bad experience with the above Dory Fish, I will still go back and try out their food as the pizzas look delish. And I love the fact that their coffee is good.

Cafe Barbera
OB2-C7-42, Oasis, 
Boulevard Two, 
Sunway Pyramid, 
Bandar Sunway, Selangor. 
 Tel: 03-5622186
FB :


  1. it tastes awesome as well. thick and tasty...

  2. adikcute : thanks for sharing some of my post in your blog...appreciate that loads


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