Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Ta Chi Nyonya House, Malacca

Hello! It's me again. I'm starting to irritate you with my post on food and it is usually posted late at night to add-on to your current hunger pang. I'm sorry! But this is the only time I am free to blog.

Every food entry has a story and this is no exception. *clears throat*

Once upon a time, 4 hungry fellas checked out from a resort in Malacca and was hunting for food before leaving town. It was an extremely busy weekend and all roads were jammed up. The people involved in this story are Mr Hubs, me, Ms TEL & Mr LSY. We thought of exploring town for some good ol' Chicken Rice Ball but Mr LSY (driver at that time) had to pee, we were all famished so we took a chance to check out Ta Chi Nyonya House.

Hawaiian Sandwich. Ms TEL felt cheated coz it's basically a piece of bread with a slice of pineapple and melted cheese cut into 4 pieces. 

Nyonya Lemak Laksa - good choice but the noodle choice was weird. Should put the usual laksa noodles. It will enhance the taste of the whole thing.

Chicken Pongteh. Star of the afternoon. Cooked just nice, not too sweet and nicer than one of the nyonya restaurant around Melaka Raya (to be honest!)

Belacan Fried Noodle. According to Mr Hubs, this is great. I'm not a fan of fried noodle so it's not right for me to comment on this.

Ngo Hiang (Chinese 5-Spice Pork Roll) - tasty and not too oily. 


We all agree that this is quite a cool place to hangout in Malacca for its no-frill food and illy coffee. There are only 2 tables at the alfresco dining area (by the longkang). The owner's son calls himself "The Coffee Prince" and the TV plays his video in loop preparing coffee. 

I think that there's still plenty of room for improvement on his coffee art. His espresso pull is a tad strong and it sets my head buzzing for a while.

Angry Bird coffee art

Doraemon coffee art

If you're feeling adventurous in Malacca with plenty of time to spare, why not give them a try. Nyonya food here is not bad. At the end of the day, if the place serves good quality coffee I don't mind eating there. I'm bias like that!

Ta Chi Nyonya House
No.1, Jalan Tun Sri Lanang,
75100 Melaka.
T : +06-281 3777
Closed on Wednesday


  1. thick rice vermicelli would be better with the Nyonya laksa.

  2. i agree dat's y this is a bit weird for me

  3. Love the pictures! Check out our coverage of Tai Chi House Malacca here!

    Happy Travels Everyone!



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