Sunday, January 1, 2012

Serai, Empire Shopping Gallery

We waited for a while before visiting Empire Shopping Gallery due to the previous 'incident' there. Another reason is we were afraid of a repeat performance. Afraid to die mar coz still have a lot of things notchet do in life.

Anyway, we've been meaning to check out Serai as it's always full and that's always a good sign. I've read an article somewhere about the owners of this place. A young couple and their strong passion for food. This is definitely the place to try out. We should encourage more young entrepreneur in Malaysia.

The restaurant's namesake

Sang Har Fried Noodle. Overall it tastes good but the prawns are not so fresh and I hate that. At the same time, I won't blame them as this is not one of their signature dishes.

Chilli oh chilli. A staple for us when eating noodle, rice etc

Nasi Kerabu. According to Mr Hubs, this is good. I think grandma would enjoy this!

Pavlova oh Pavlova! How I love thee? Their berry pavlova is definitely better than Alexis and ben's. I will come back for more. 
LG37, Empire Shopping Gallery,
Jalan SS16/1, 47500 Subang Jaya.
03-5637 0706


  1. had lunch there recently with the other half, and we ordered rice with black pepper beef, sotong deep fried with salted egg batter and some crispy brinjal dish. I tells you... PERFECTION! Will so head back there again! Was a bit too stuffed to attempt the Pavlova but will try that the next round hehehe

  2. next time just order the pavlova first and ask them to serve last or tapau back! coz it finishes fast and it's seriously to die for... u MUST make space for it at the end...hehe :)

  3. Yeayyyy... will be going there tomorrow thanks to your review!!!

    1. Enjoy ur lunch there :) its a bit crowded during lunch tho but service is fast


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